And we're off!

After close to a year of living in our condo, I can finally say we've started on our kitchen renovations! Finally! The reason I say 'FINALLY' is because we actually bought our entire kitchen from Ikea close to 10 months ago. Not only have we never had a chance to set it up, but we've had dozens of ikea boxes in our basement for months. I can now reclaim all that lost space! yay!

One of the main reasons the delay was so long is because we had no contractors available to do the job. So a few weeks ago we decided that we'd take on the job ourselves (with the help of a few pros, of course). Last week, we managed to take out all the floating floors, tiles (I know, our kitchen was a mix of tiles and cheap floating floors, yuck!), and tore down all the kitchen cabinets. 

We're now ready to tile the floors!!