Extreme knitting... to the extreme!

In the past few months, I've been knitting more and more. I tend to knit more once it gets colder out because it's warm and comforting. My mom just taught me how to knit a different kind stitch (is it called  a stitch?), so I've been more interested in knitting lately since I can make cooler things. 

But I didn't stop at that. A new stitch is cool, yes, but it takes a lot of time, especially when you have a tight stitch. So I though of a different way of accelerating the process, while still getting an awesome result! I went out an bought 3foot dowels, which I sanded down the ends of to make them pointy. I then bought loads and loads of wool (10 of them actually) and got to work.

I wasn't quite sure what my project would be at first, but seeing as the needles are so incredibly big, and get heavier the more I knit, I decided to make a throw! I'm using a simple jersey knit pattern, mixing 6 yarns of dark brown, light brown and on thick green.

I'm now almost done and will post an updated picture soon! I'm quickly running out of wool but I think it will be plenty big to keep both Brendan and I warm on the couch.

Looking back at it now, I really wish I had done two things: one, alternate between jersey stitch and regular to create a nice pattern on both sides. Right now it's almost one sided. And two, different colors. I know I always fall back to greys, and this time I wanted to venture out and bought green to match the bench I made earlier this year... but the more I look at it, the more I wish it just blended in nicely with the rest of the living room. Maybe I'll make another and give this one to someone. Yarn is expensive though... we'll see!

Rocking Chair Reupholstery

I recently inherited two awesome rocking chairs from my grandparents. I like the design of these chairs for two reasons: one, it's super comfy... it's not one of those lazy-boy chairs where they're all frumpy and soft, and two, these ones are quite stiff and small; Mia-sized.

The first thing I did was recover the entire cushioning of the chair in foam. Although I like that it's stiff, I still want it to be comfortable. I then went shopping for fabric, which is really quite difficult to do. I tend to be really undecisive when it comes to fabric, because I know this isn't something you can just cmd-z, or return to the store. And nice fabric is rather expensive. I therefore asked Brendan to tag along, in fear that I might choose something too feminine for our living room. I also grabbed samples of the fabrics in our living room, to make sure that everything matches nicely. 

Since we have two chairs, I've decided to keep one in the living room, and the other will go downstairs in the second bedroom. I found a few fabrics, all interesting, but nothing really seemed to match the greys of our living room. We therefore decided to attack the basement chair first, since the basement doesn't have any design elements yet. We choose a blue floral fabric, and although somewhat feminine in pattern, the blue equals it out. 

I'm really happy with the end results. It's really comfortable and it quickly became our favorite seat to relax in! Can't wait to get started on the next chair!


Quick afternoon reupholstery project

I've always liked the idea of having a poof in the living room. It adds extra seating and seems to complete a room nicely. 

I received this ottoman from my grandparents' house and although I like the color, it doesn't super match with our living room so I decided to reupholster it. 

Again, I looked for fabric that would come liven up our living room, so I chose a patterned fabric that matches both the grey and the white, but with a small touch of color. I applied my not-so-perfect piping technique once more and came out with what I think is a great result! 


Storage bench

After finishing up the flooring of our condo, we had some leftover wood from rebuilding the stairs. We felt we were a little short on seating area in the living room, so I decided to build extra seating out of the leftover wood. 

I started out by cutting the pieces to length, building a frame, and staining it the same color as the floor. I then built cushioning from thick foam rectangles, and wrapped them with a softer foam for cushioning. 

I found a really nice fabric at the store, and challenged myself in two ways. 1: working with a pattern is super tricky because all mistakes show, and everything has to be perfectly aligned. and 2: integrating piping into the stitch. Again, I've never worked with piping before so this was a whole new challenge, and I'm sure I did it completely wrong (I've since developed a better process to piping). After the cushions were complete, I wrapped them around a wood board for the seating, and sewed it shut. This way, the cushions can lift and have storage within the bench, all while staying neat and clean. 

I have absolutely no regrets for this bench. It's beautiful and I think my favorite piece yet. It's also bringing a nice touch of color to our grey-toned living room!

Knitted cup cozy

During the summer I like to make homemade smoothies (magic bullet for the win!). They're awesome and refreshing, but my poor little hands freeze to death. So I put my knitting skills to use and knitted some little cup cozies for when we make smoothies - knitting to the rescue!


Dining room chairs reupholstering

Brendan was given two dining room chairs when his great-aunt moved out of her home. They're not great, but they served us well for a good two years. The problem with these chairs is that the back is very high (we're short), and it's made of metal bars, which is terribly uncomfortable. 

I therefore decided to attack these chairs. I've always loved the look of nice fully reupholstered dining room chairs, almost making them look like living room furniture rather than dining room furniture. I wanted something comfortable that would make us eat more slowly and enjoy our meal, rather than want to leave the room and sit somewhere more comfortably.

I started off by adding a cardboard backing to the metal, and wrapping that with foam. I first started using the same fabric as the couch reupholstering, but the more I worked with it, the less I liked it. It looks great on the couch, but somehow on the chair it just didn't work. I decided to scrap that fabric. I then turned to our curtain fabric. We had an extra panel, so I tried it out just for fun and loved it! It has a nice texture and it's a nice, solid-feeling fabric. Plus it matches our curtains.

It went really fast, and in no time, I had two beautiful dining room chairs. I padded the chair legs to make sure everything fit snuggly, and added a trim to give the bottom a little design.

Again, super proud of this project!

Couch reupholstering

Behold... my first reupholstery project! I've always wanted to reupholster something... I love working with furniture, and I love sewing, so combine them and you get the best projects ever! 

Since I had no idea what I was doing, I went step by step. I did a little research online, but I mostly wanted to learn as I go. We were given a terrible looking couch, but as ugly as it was, it is rather comfortable, and it's a pull-out bed, which is great for when we have guests staying over.

I started off by recovering the two cushions, which were fairly easy. Since this was my first project though, I kept it really simple... so no fancy zipper or clips at the back, it's all sewn directly in. If Brendan does spill something on it though (which he does fairly often), I guess I could unsew one edge and wash it in the machine. So far so good though!

Everything progressed fairly quickly, and within two weeks, I had completed my first reupholstery project! I'm super proud and this couch is completely transformed. It also set the tone for the rest of our condo, with a beautiful grey-toned living room.