After months of working on this railing, we're finally getting to the last steps. Brendan is installing the cables, weaving it around sheets of plexi as he goes. Looking good!


Reupholstered couch!

Finally got to reupholstering the guestroom couch/pull-out bed!

It's a nice grey (of course) with a subtle weave-like texture.

Nolan likes it.


Annnnd it's done!

Very happy with this quick project - I think it took approximately 3 days total to completely reupholster it!  


Rocking Chair #2!

In any earlier post, I showed a before and after of the first rocking chair I reupholstered. Well, months later, I'm finally tackling the second chair! The first one (baby blue) is going in the nursery, and this second will stay upstairs in the living room. They're both incredibly comfortable, and I've even added some extra padding to make it all the more harder to get out of.  

One of the things I regretted after the first project was not reworking the wood. So for this chair, I sanded down the handles and feet, stained them the same color as our floor (a nice chocolate brown) and varnished it.  

Here are some early pictures of the project:

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.08.56 AM.png
Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.12.17 AM.png
Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.12.09 AM.png

Staircase railing

One of the first things we did when we moved into the condo is ripped out the ugly staircase railing that was there.  

We shopped around for a nice replacement but unfortunately didn't find anything... so we decided to design our own... of course!

Here's our inspiration:


Dining room art

We were looking for some art to add some color to our condo for months; but unable to find anything we liked, we decided to make our own!

We went to Fabricville and found some cool pixelated fabric, built a frame for it and mounted it to the wall! Looks great and a nice touch of color to our otherwise grey condo!



Video backdrop

One of the things we've started doing at work is creating short how-to videos and updates for our website. For the first video, we used a black sheet as a background... it surprisingly turned out quite nicely, but it was definitely not a permanent solution!

So I thought about it for a little while and came up with a super awesome (and cheap!) solution that I have to say I'm pretty damn proud of. I found an outdoor fabric from Fabricville that doesn't wrinkle, and is quite rigid. I sewed the top and bottom onto fabric poles, and added grommets to either end to stretch. We re-used an old banner support and voila! Awesome video backdrop!


Top cabinets!

We finally found some time to put the top cabinets up! We have so much storage now that 3/4 of them are empty - I'm sure we'll find ways to fill them soon enough!

We're getting awfully close to finishing everything up - all that's left now is installing the ventilation hood, and tiling the walls. We're having some trouble finding something we like for the backsplash, so that may not come until we find the perfect color. I guess we do need something other than white, brown and grey in our condo... 




We finally took the time to organize our workshop... And i can't even begin to explain how excited i am!!!!! It's beautiful.



Over the weekend, we were planning on getting the plumbing done, along with a few cabinets screwed into place, but things never really go as planned.

Turns out we had a lot of trouble with the cabinets because the walls weren't square, then the hole for the sink that we cut out was really tight, and then the plumbing took longer than expected. In short, we still have no water. The upside is that we learned a great deal this weekend and will finish the plumbing over the week, if all goes well!

We also managed to get the extractor hood up, but ikea forgot to send a few pieces in the delivery, so that got set back as well.


Building the cabinets and the countertop

After cleaning the tiles 3-4 times, we brought up the cabinet interiors and put them in place. We also brought up the counter to see what it would look like with the floors- we're so happy with it and can't wait for the next step- plumbing!!


Grouting the floors

So the original plan was to only use one grout box out of two, which we thought would only cover about half the floors, then do the next box another day. Boy were we wrong! It covered everything, and we still had some left. Had we known, we would have started earlier than 7pm on a work night... We finished around midnight but it was worth it! It looks amazing!!


Floors are in!

Brendan and i finally finished up the floors and cut the tiles perfectly for each corner.... I can smell it,
We're almost done!!


First day of renovations

So, you know when you start planning a project, and you think it's going to be super easy going and no-stress at all? Yeah we were wrong. We had just planned on working on the floor tiles on Saturday, but then we ended up removing more kitchen cabinets, the sink, redoing the plumbing, and building all the ikea furniture. oops. So, only half the kitchen floor is complete, but I can't even begin to thank all of the people who showed up to help! What was supposed to be four of us, turned out to be eight! 

The floor looks great, and both Brendan and I learned a big deal about tiling floors. It's trickier than it looks, but you get a hang of it pretty quickly. The hardest part is probably making sure everything is always level, straight, and the same height. We're lucky we don't have to deal with very many corners and angled cuts. Yet. 

Before we keep working on the floors, we're going to tackle one of the dry walls behind the sink, and behind the kitchen cabinets which were pretty ruined in the demolition. We've bought mold-resistant gyprock and we're planning on tackling it this week. We'll see though. 

Here's what's left on the list:

  • Redo walls
  • Finish tiles
  • Grout tiles
  • Build barrier
  • Mount kitchen cabinets
  • Fix plumbing
  • Cut kitchen counters
  • Build breakfast area/bar area

And we're off!

After close to a year of living in our condo, I can finally say we've started on our kitchen renovations! Finally! The reason I say 'FINALLY' is because we actually bought our entire kitchen from Ikea close to 10 months ago. Not only have we never had a chance to set it up, but we've had dozens of ikea boxes in our basement for months. I can now reclaim all that lost space! yay!

One of the main reasons the delay was so long is because we had no contractors available to do the job. So a few weeks ago we decided that we'd take on the job ourselves (with the help of a few pros, of course). Last week, we managed to take out all the floating floors, tiles (I know, our kitchen was a mix of tiles and cheap floating floors, yuck!), and tore down all the kitchen cabinets. 

We're now ready to tile the floors!!


Beautiful accent pillows

This is by far the most beautiful fabric I've ever bought. It cost a fortune, but it was worth it. It matches perfectly with everything in both the living room, and in the bedroom. Right now we keep moving them from one room to the other cuz they look so damn good... maybe I should just make a second set. 

To make these I reupholstered old cushions we had with new fabric, and added piping to the edge to make it look nice and professional. I'm really starting to get a hang of piping!


iPhone 5 knitting case

I recently spoiled myself and bought a much-needed iPhone 5. My previous phone was getting way too slow and I really needed a change. Although the iPhone 5 is really nice and lightweight, it scares the heck out of me holding it and carrying it around. It's so light that I constantly have the feeling I'm going to drop it and break it. Plus I didn't opt for the extended warranty...

So I started shopping around online for some cool iPhone 5 cases, but quite honestly

 there isn't all that much out there. I've had my eye on a beautiful wood case, like I had for my iPhone 3, but it isn't in production yet. 

My temporary solution was therefore, like most of my solutions, to make one myself. It just so happened that my mom taught me a different stitch the day before, so I was super psyched to give it a try!

Pretty happy with the results!